We provide loyalty and reward services to millions of customers. Some of the services offered include but are not limited to:


  • Patented points and miles programs that allow customers to pay for reward products and services using points and cash
  • We assist companies in:
    • Implementing loyalty and reward services
    • Provide quality customer service
    • Multilingual Call Centre operations
    • Provide insight on different marketing approaches, such as incentive marketing strategies,  along with the fulfillment of merchandise
    • Gift card and E-certificate fulfillment
    • Employee Recognition programs, creating employee incentive plans
  • Web design and systems management and analytics


Our customers are of great value and importance to us. Our highly skilled, multilingual employees are always available, in order to facilitate communication and provide full-time customer satisfaction.

Our offices located around the world facilitate this process and cater to multiple time zone requirements. Our priority is to apply all of our resources to keep a close bond with our customers.


Here are more details about the services we offer:


Stay connected

Customer Service +

We maintain a strong bond with all our clients and providers and find innovative solutions using today’s technology.


Multilingual and well-trained customer service representatives can effectively serve our clients.


We listen, investigate and provide solutions to meet our Clients’ expectations.


We provide open dialogue with all our clients and always ensure to benefit all parties with a simple, efficient and cost-effective solution.


Marketing +

We provide a menu of opportunities to allow the perfect solution at the best value for our clients.


We conduct research and development for our clients to help them get an edge on their competitors.



We administer case studies to illustrate ideas of solutions that have been implemented along with their shortfalls and benefits. 


Vendors receive targeted exposure to high potential customers that could not otherwise be easily or cost effectively reached.


Web design: We offer integration and social media marketing such as Twitter, Facebook and Google analytics to maximize results.

Warehousing +

You can expect:


Over 50,000 square feet of storage facility that fulfills all current popular brands and products regularly.


Reward and fulfillment services with endless item possibilities to choose from and available in most countries, as well as unique merchandise to those countries based on culture.


Special packaging or assortment services that can be tailored to each client's demands.


Delivery of rewards within 5 days as we maintain 90% of our stock in storage at all times.


Online and full-service travel through our travel network, providing a better solution than usual limited availability with airline loyalty programs.