Who we are

Helix Global Solutions Inc. has been in the customer loyalty arena for over 30 years, developing many of today’s innovative thinking, including cash plus, flexible travel, coalitions and many others.


Helix Global Solutions Inc. offers full service operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and fulfillment facilities in over 40 countries. Our executive team sustains their roots in loyalty starting back in 1985 with Club Z - the first and largest retail loyalty program to obtain 10 million members. We are a leader in loyalty and rewards, and a provider of solutions worldwide to many Fortune 500 companies. We are PCI compliant, as per financial institutions’ requirements.


At Helix, we strongly believe in our employees. We provide a partnered atmosphere, along with employee incentive plans where employees are motivated and encouraged to achieve all work-oriented and personal goals.  The foundation of our success stems from such continued growth. Our team of trained employees and seasoned executives provide a designed program tailored to fit your customers’ needs.


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